" gayuss" ya yusss.. capcus… haha just sharing on my keyboard

Indonesia hit by a major disaster exceeds the earthquake and volcanic eruption why I say like that because it is in fact like that. why not for all the media television, print, etc. The case highlights the prisoners could come and go as they pleased jail who else if not “gayuss” Tambunan, prison located region filled with members of the police were still able to get out of jail freely, if indeed requested permit pain there is also close to the hospital so yes why can there be in Bali, this does not make sense, ya better ask if there is a permit medicine take it to the hospital who was near the area, easy supay separately in the review and be controlled, indeed all of this is based for the money, “because the money people can do whatever pleases” waw how people who do not have money hahaha,, may only be counting the days in prison is different with “gayuss” who can walk on the road bali while watching tennis waw,, very good at hahaha that made the question of why “gayuuss” could have that much money to bribe the head of the detainee, and not so far been confiscated all assets owned by “gayuss”, whether there might be some residual stored “Gaius” for old age pensioners ready hahaha was like ready money from now hahah,, hopefully this case revealed everything and nothing at the cover and no one in the disadvantaged so that the mafia law could repent, amenhopefully the police institution of the Republic of Indonesia for the better after being led by new leaders amen .. spirit continues to create new national police chief to lead the institution that you are in love by the community because of the protection and help people not make money in prison to earn money and freeing prisoners in and out .. OMG ((This just sharing not for criticizing one of them, this is a spirit that is given directly by me as the people who want better national police institution and become the pride of the nation with his performance rather than with the news is not good,,,))

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